Jew and Gentile, One in Messiah!

We are Bob and Clara Phillips, neither rabbi nor rabbetzin. But we have a heart to share the Besoraht Ha Mashiach (Gospel of Messiah) to both the Jew and Non Jew, to help to clear up any misconceptions from both sides and to work on behalf of Meshiach for the up-building of the Kingdom of Yah.

We learned many false teaching while growing up. And when the Ruach Ha Kodesh brought us into a greater understanding of what it meant to believe Yeshua/Jesus, we repented and began to learn about how things are really meant to be. We both were told that the New Testament was the standard for salvation, that the Law had been made of non effect and that the church had replaced the Jewish people as Yehovah's elect people.

All our lives we were encouraged to be New Testament Christians. Hence all aspects of the Hebraic Roots of the Christian Faith, and the Jewishness of Jesus and His followers had been eliminated, thus preventing us from gaining a greater understanding of scripture, and how we were supposed to live our lives and raise our children.

In 1996, we became acquainted with a Messianic Jewish Congregational Leader, who welcomed us into his group for a time. We were blessed. We learned lessons that were weren't being taught in Standard Church, but should have been taught. There was so much to know that we should have already known. We had lost so much time. And our children had grown up without knowing biblical information that we were supposed to have taught them. We learned that the entire bible is one relevant book. Not the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), Prophets and New Testament (Christian Bible) sewn together, but an entire discourse on the Attributes of Yehovah, the importance of the Jewish people, how and why Non Jews are adopted into the Family of Yah, the importance of knowing and following Yehovah's laws, rulings and statues instead of man made rules and regulations, the prophecies that spoke of the appearance and ministry of Yeshua/Jesus, and how salvation is gained and maintained. But in order to correctly understand it all, we must study the front of the book first, and to link up with believing Jewish friends who can fully come into their ministry as Light to the Nations. The New Testament cannot be understood unless you have a Jewish background, or teachings. Because at the time that Messiah Yeshua conducted His ministry, there was no New Testament. The Jewish Messiah and His Jewish Talmadim (Disciples) taught torah.

Our ministry began as a way to bring our family into the truth of salvation. But after a year or so, we began to also invite as many as would be interested, to partner with us in study, worship and good works, maintaining our soul salvation together until Meshiach comes. So to you we say, "Welcome! Come. Taste and see that the LORD is good!" Even the person who is currently attending church and is open to a greater understanding of their relationship with Yeshua/Jesus is invited to study with us as friends.

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