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Give Me a Good Heart, from the book entitled LANGUAGE OF FAITH by Nachum Glatzer

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Give Me a Good Heart


May it please Thee, O Lord my God and God of my fathers,

that thy Law should be my daily occupation.

And give me a good heart, and a good portion in life,

and a good friend, and a humble soul, and a lowly spirit.

And let not Thy Name be profaned because of me, nor make me

a byword in the mouths of thy creatures.

And let not my end be untimely death, nor let my hope turn into

soul's despair.

And let me not be in need of the charity of creatures of flesh and

blood, for their charity is small, while the humiliation is

great; rather let me depend upon Thy bountiful hand.

And make my portion in thy Law together with those who do

Thy will with a perfect heart.

And rebuild Thy Temple, Thy City, Thy Palace

And Thy Sanctuary soon and in our own days.

And hasten to answer me, and redeem me from all hard and evil decrees.

And save me in Thy Abundant Mercy from all afflictions and


For thou hearest the prayer of every mouth.

Blessed art Thou, O Lord, who hearest all prayer.


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